Monday, March 17, 2014

Fuck Me...

Sorry that I'vebeen such a slacker lately and haven't posted.

Not that anyone noticed, but still.

In my defense I've been really busy. I started a new job (not begging on the street corner as the picture might imply) on March 3rd. I'm enjoying it immensely. Not because the work is particularly exciting. Nope, it's strictly because I NEED to work on something other than being an author in order to be any good at being an author.

I need structure. I need mindless worker beeism.

It helps me be creative.

After a couple months of not writing a damn thing, I'm suddenly back in the saddle. I've written over 5k just this weekend.

Good thing too since I have a August 1st deadline for the second fairy tale mystery book for Kensington. Which leaves me with just over 2 months to write another 65-75k words.

Hence the FUCK ME part of the post.

To top it off, the publisher of my romance novel asked if I'd be interested in signing up for another book for an Assassin's Series. Hell yes. But where to find the time?

Maybe if I didn't have a job...


So tell me how you deal with deadlines and getting work done when feeling the pressure?


  1. I haven't come across a non-self inflicted deadline in ages, so sadly, I cannot help you out here....unless it's to say ya just gotta knuckle down and when you come back up for air, learn time management skills. That always helps me at work.

  2. Deadlines are good for me. That's when I throw off the excuses and just get things done. It's definitely harder when you're working and/or have kids, but if you don't do it now, you'll be kicking yourself when you're my age because you didn't work harder to get more books written. I could have done more if I'd given up cocktail hour and evening TV and Saturday afternoon movies etc etc etc